Professional help with job applications – services offered by Get That Job, plus tips and advice. When preparing a job application, you may be required complete a form or send in a covering letter with your CV.

We can  assist you through every stage of the application process, including CV writing, preparing a cover letter or writing a personal statement for a job application form. Call 0800 093 5412.

Covering Letters

With information on the type of position that you are applying for and a copy of your CV, we can prepare covering letters for you.

Specific Job Vacancy – With details of the vacancy you have found and a copy of your CV, we can prepare a suitable cover letter, which is targeted to highlight your suitability for the vacancy.

Speculative Letter – You may have found suitable employers, but they are not currently advertising job vacancies. Speculative covering letters can let potential employers know that you are available and that you are interested in working for their organisation.

Cover Letters cost £19 for Entry level, £35 for Experienced / Manager level and £65 for Senior Management level.

Application Forms

Many find that application forms are tedious. This can actually help the employer by putting off less motivated applicants. Aspects that can prove most difficult are questions on key skills / achievements and dealing with certain situations and – in particular – personal statements. We are highly skilled in producing persuasive and professional answers to these types of questions.

Expert help with Employment Application Forms costs £65 per page of text (500 words).

Personal Statements

Similar in some ways to a letter of application, the personal statement must target the interests of the employer. We are highly experienced in writing personal statements that are engaging and effective.


About Get That Job – our owner is an expert on many employment issues. His credentials and experience include:

– Member of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals (MIRP)- formerly the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC).

– Insight from experience as a recruiter, an employer and a manager.

– Hired by a government-sponsored agency to coach job skills.

– Live guest on BBC Radio and interviewed by national press, giving advice on professionalism and dealing with interviews.

– Relevant courses and certificates, including effective writing.