Even though more and more companies are moving away from using the CV to weed out candidates for a job, it is still the most widely used hiring tool around. It is therefore absolutely crucial that you get your CV right if you want to get through the first round of eliminations during most job interview processes.

Hiring someone to help you out with writing your CV is something many job seekers don’t even consider. It seems common sense that the best person to write your CV is yourself. However, because having a great CV will drastically improve your chances of finding a great job, some job seekers are obtaining the help of a professional CV writer to give their CV that little edge over their peers’.

Below we’ve gathered the most important benefits of using a professional CV writer to improve your resume.

It’s Not All About The Content

Even though the actual content of your CV is the most important part, looks still matter. The first impression your resume gives will have a significant impact on the hiring manager’s assessment of your skills. If your CV looks cluttered and unprofessional, how can you be expected to work in an organised and professional manner? Some hiring managers even throw out such CVs immediately. A professional CV writer can help make your CV look clean, polished and highly professional.


Hiring a professional CV writer will help give you an objective view on what you should include, leave out and emphasise on your CV. An experienced CV writer will be able to focus on the right parts of your work history and skills for the job(s) that you are applying for.

Save Time and Avoid Missing Job Opportunities

Job seekers often spend hours and hours trying to optimise their CVs and in the process waste a lot of job opportunities either because their CV is not ready before the application deadline, or it wasn’t as optimised as they thought. A CV writer can take some work off your shoulders and deliver a great CV in much less time than you would need.

Gain Insider Knowledge

By hiring a professional CV writer who has hiring experience in the industry that you want to work in you will gain the expert knowledge of a career professional who knows what industry hiring managers and recruiters look for in a CV.

A CV writer also knows how to summarize your experience using the right words to be picked up in electronic databases and candidate ranking systems.

Other Applicants Are Likely Writing Their Own CVs

Most job seekers still write their own CVs, which means that you can gain an edge on them by using a professional’s experience to your advantage.

As you can tell, hiring a professional CV writer holds a number of benefits and besides the monetary cost hardly entails any disadvantages. If you are serious about getting the job of your dreams, you may want to start looking for a great CV writer to make your resume stand out from the crowd.

Originally posted 2015-08-17 17:57:05.