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The way you should approach writing a graduate CV should be the same as for other CVs. You need to look at your at unique attributes and sell them to the recruiter or employer as effectively as possible. The difference for graduates is that many have little or no professional experience that points to proficiency in the area of employment that they wish to move into.

Employers are often keen on recruiting fresh graduates as they are considered to be energetic, intelligent, hard-working and eagre to move up the career ladder. When reading your CV, the employer will be looking to build up a mental profile of you as an applicant, in order to assess your potential. Nowadays, many industry experts document the need to show a balance of high academic achievement, work experience (whether through voluntary work, part-time / vacation employment or a year out) and extra-curricular activities such as music or sport. Although the latter may seem irrelevant, if two candidates are similar in terms of credentials, showing aspects of your personality may give an indication of how competitive you are or how you may fit in with existing employees.

Our job application and CV expert has offered CV writing services to job seekers ranging from students and recent graduates through to executive level professionals earning over £250,000. As well as UK standard CV's, he has written resumes for overseas professionals that meet the differing requirements of other jobs markets.

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