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Helpful tips and advice on good resume / CV presentation. The following information has been prepared by an an expert professional with several years of experience in helping job hunters to secure employment in a wide range of industries.

A well presented CV will be easy on the eye, but at the same time an employer does not want to think that his or her opinion could be swayed by the presentation. For that reason, a good CV should be smart, with clearly defined sections, but should not include any graphics and colours. The only exception to this can be in the creative fields such as graphic design, where the CV can be seen as part of the designer's portfolio.

The CV layout should enable the employer to find each section easily. Help him or her to do so by clearly labeling headings for employment history, education, IT skills etc. Think about what the main interests of the employer are going to be. If your professional experience is most relevant, place that higher up than your education. If you are a recent graduate, your education is likely to be more interesting to the employer than the temp work that your have been doing since finishing your course, so place it above your employment history. The principle is that you should try to grab the interest of the reader as quickly as possible, so that they will bother to read through the whole document.

Make things easy for the employer and highlight your most relevant skills, experience and achievements so that he or she does not need to read between the lines to assess your relevant attributes. It can help to go through your experience and pick out the most relevant information and place it towards the start as a 'Key Skills / Achievements' section. That can interest the employer in what you have to offer, enticing him or her to carry on reading to find where you developed these skills.

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