With professional CV writing services and advice, Get That Job has helped hundreds of people to secure interviews in a wide range of industries across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as the Republic of Ireland, and at every career level, from school-leaver to CEO.

We now draw on this experience to offer free advice on this site and to signpost the best CV services in the UK.

Disclaimer: We have produced this list based on the credibility of their online presence and user feedback. We are not responsible for experience you receive in using these companies.

The Fuller CV
Award-winning CV writing services provider, established for over 13 years. This Surrey-based company provides itself on the diversity of its expert consultants based up and down the country, and even overseas, who can help shape jobseekers’ attitudes to the recruitment process, as well as helping them to secure that next job.
Telephone: 0207 998 4112

The CV Site
Based in the South East of England, this company promotes the idea of producing CVs with impact and have services for various career levels at reasonable prices that range from £80 to £200 at the time of writing. Importantly, they offer both CV and customised cover letters to ensure a joined-up approach to your job applications.
You can watch an introductory video on The CV Site via YouTube and the company has many highly positive reviews on Twitter.
Telephone Number: 01923 711 609

We’ll be adding more reviews and companies here shortly, but contact us with your details if you run a CV writing service that should be included here!

What to look out for in a good CV writing service

• The CV must be tailored for your needs, highlighting your most impressive strengths and skills. Emphasis should be placed on the areas that are most relevant to your application. It must not be just a list of where you worked and what your responsibilities were. The CV must feel like it could only be about you.

• A telephone consultation (ideally) included to gain further insight into your skills and experience, as well as the type of work you are seeking. As well as using a set of templated questions, a conversational approach as well often uncovers many experiences and achievements that are often not exposed with a standard list of questions.

• You should be sent drafts for review, which (within reason), you can discuss until you are happy with a final version.

• Pricing of anywhere from £50 for school leavers / recent graduates / career starters, through to around £350 for experienced senior executives. If you have a good amount of career experience and are paying just £30 or so for a CV service, then even at minimum wage, that person is only spending about 4 hours to interview you, understand your goals and experience, and produce a document that will help shape your career. Is this good enough?!

• The service may typically take around 3-4 days and it is reasonable to expect it to take up to 7. If you need a 24 hour turnaround, don’t be surprised if you need to pay more for this.

What a good CV looks like

Your new CV should highlight your most impressive strengths, experience and achievements. Emphasis should be placed on the areas that are most relevant to your likely application(s) and target employer or type of employer. Don’t request or be sold a CV that is generic enough to be used for many types of work.

The curriculum vitae or resume is often the first point of contact between a job applicant andhis or her potential employer. If it fails to resonate with and impress the recruiter, the application may go no further. A good CV service should work to effectively ‘sell’ you as a candidate.

About Get That Job:

Our employment expert has supported jobseekers at all levels with CV writing, job applications and interview technique. His credentials and experience include:

– Membership of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals (MIRP) for over 10 years.
– Interviewed for employment pieces by BBC radio and national press
– Hired by a government-sponsored agency to coach job skills.
– Certificate in Recruitment Practice (CertRP).
– Helped hundreds of people to start and transform their careers.

We hope the above advice helps you to choose a good CV writing service and we wish you all the best in your next career move!