Presenting Yourself at Job Interviews

A UK employment expert gives techniques, tips and advice on presenting yourself at job interviews. Your CV or application won through and you have the interview. It is now time to show them who you are in person. Remember when going for an interview that they know what you are capable of and already assume you will probably be up to the job - they are sussing out your personal abilities, team and social skills. They want to know YOU.

When going for an interview it is vital that you have prepared. Your CV or application form will be central to this preparation - they are going to be using this as their base with which to quiz you. Make sure that you have read your CV and familiarised yourself with periods of employment, education etc. If you were out of work for any time think about why this was and refresh your memory about what made you make the choices evident on your CV regarding jobs and education. This will all mean that should you be asked about any of this in the interview it will roll off the tongue and impress the interviewer with your communication skills. It will also help you be confident before entering - helping you appear more natural and confident - all essential attributes to a successful interview.

Know where you are going!
This may sound silly but if you are vague about how to get there this will only stress you out on the day of the interview and could make you arrive late if you get lost. It is well worth planning and even practising the journey before the day so that is one less thing to worry about. It is also helpful to be able to visualise where it is you are going when preparing for the interview as it takes away the pressure of 'the unknown'.

What you are going to wear - make sure you are comfortable.
Although it is usually essential to look smart, don't buy high heels, for example, if you have never worn them before. This will only make you look uncomfortable - which will not help your self-confidence or their first impression.

Have some questions organised for the interviewers.
This shows that you are keen to find out more and that you are asserting yourself - not just meekly presenting yourself to them.

Do some research.
Learning about the background of the organisation before the interview can only help you get the job. Firstly, it will fill in any gaps you may have in knowing about the organisation: its aims, objectives and values, so you know who you will be working for should you get the position. Researching will also help you feel more confident before the interview as you are less likely to be thrown by anything they reveal about themselves. It will also stop you asking questions in the interview that the interviewer may think are obvious. Instead, you are more likely to ask pertinent and insightful questions without realising it, due to the knowledge you already have. It will also show the interviewer what an assertive, resourceful and keen person you are!

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