Professional help with writing a personal statement for UK job applications.

This often the most difficult aspect of an application. You must demonstrate that you can do the job, why you think you are the best candidate and show that you will be the type of motivated, loyal employee that the recruiter is looking for.

We now recommend CV Master Careers (Tel: 0845 003 9557) for help writing personal statements and here’s what they have to say:

A Personal Statement must highlight your suitability for the role and your motivation. It must also be tailored towards the requirements and culture of the organisation. Our experienced writers are skilled in producing a statement that demonstrates why you are the best candidate.


How the Personal Statement writing service works:

We will need a copy of your existing CV and the application form, as well as any other background information that may be helpful. We will then conduct a telephone consultation in order to ensure that we can write a statement that adequately reflects your skills personality.

Other Services:

We can also check and edit a Personal Statement you have written yourself.

Reach CV Master Careers on 0845 003 9557