Career Services - Prices for CVs, Cover Letters and Applications

Prices for our range of professional career services, including graduate, professional or executive CV writing, personal statements, help with essay-style questions for application forms and covering letters.

CV Writing Service

Starter CV - £72 - 1 to 2 pages. Get started on your full time career. For school / college / university leavers, showing your current skills set, academic achievement and experiences. Highlights your ambition and career potential. For those with less than one years' employment experience.

Professional CV - £88 - Usually 2 pages. Moving on and moving up. For those who have been in full time employment for a year or more. Shows the skills set and experience that are relevant to where you want to go now. Highlights the knowledge and ability that you can bring to a new position / employer. For those who have been in full-time employment for at least a year.

Executive CV - £132 - 2 to 3 pages. Highly Experienced. For the accomplished executive, with a proven track record of making a real difference to your organisation. Shows your wide range of knowledge, experience and management abilities. Highlights the key attributes that you would bring to a new role / organisation. For those with at least 5 years of relevant experience and considering jobs offering £45,000+ per annum.

• 24-Hour Express Service: Add 50%, with payment in advance (dependent on availability)

Job Applications

Covering Letters - £24 or 18 if you are also ordering a CV
Application Forms - £58-80 (for essay-style questions)
Personal Statements - £58

• 24-Hour Express Service: Add 50%, with payment in advance (dependent on availability)

With details on yourself and the job you are applying for, we can produce speculative / specific covering letters, personal statements and help you to complete application forms.

CV Bank

CV Bank - Free service for job seekers. Employers / agencies - contact us.

Email us your CV and we will aim to forward it to suitable employers or agencies.

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